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hollister uk outlet store Playground to expansion, I do not know where shipped from a boulder . A mason chisel in one hand , one hand holding a hammer , " rattled " the stone should be divided into two . Each mason hammer down , with only a small white spot on the boulder. I thought, this is not until these years ah. The next day, happens to pass by it . Boulders from top to bottom , has been a mason chisel a deep ditch . I admire the stamina mason , mason , I appreciate the confidence of perseverance . I was touched by the spirit of masons , not take tomorrow , we can surely old stone mason drilling .

Successful people have such an experience : they just trying to adhere to what they insist career. At a critical time , much longer - they just stick a little bit .

Adhere to every detail .

Greek philosopher Socrates , hollister uk outlet storehe asked the students to be thrown under the arm 300 a day. A month later, ninety percent of the students insisted on doing it. Two months later, half of the students insist on doing it. A year later, only one student in the stick forward to doing . The student is the great Greek philosopher Plato , he called the Western Confucius train Aristotle .

Visible , in order to accomplish a great man , not only have the brightest minds , but also a persistent belief Dishuichuanshi ambitions.

What a simple action ah ! Simple , often can create extraordinary .

Wu star Jet Li, hour practice squat , squatting most of the students only one minute , only a small portion of the students insisted Dundao a half minutes, while Jet Li must adhere to every day squatting two minutes. Kick, being kicked under two hundred , two hundred lower side kick ; hundred stretching under positive pressure , pressure under two hundred . And Jet Li kicks and more kicks three fifty a day , the stretching is also more pressure under three fifty . Over time, his daily pay more than others, just a little bit as a result, he scored five all-around champion.

Rooster 's hem to ; first cantilever of Su ; ; cone Cigu the hardships of Zhang Yi Gou . They also pay more than others, just a little bit , multi insisted a few years.

Although thousands of Amoy million Luk hard Chuijin Until the beginning of the gold .

Monk Buddhist sutras is that everyone familiar hollister uk outlet store with the story of his ordeal , every storm, are devout in his insistence Monkey heaven into the earth , to do her best , and again saved the day. Beautiful colors , style all their own , frequently tempted , he also threw the stick down , lost their charm , and finally retrieved the Scriptures .

Stick to their beliefs, is the cornerstone of success.

Yu Gong , who led the whole family , digging more than a day . One month down, but not any obvious progress ; year down , did not see much success. However, the old man still persist . Added: son and grandchildren , grandson and son, children and grandchildren , the more students more . The mountain does not only not long, it will dig a little shovel a shovel , just stick to it, can certainly be leveled mountains .

Jingwei , though, comes from revenge , vowing to fill the East China Sea . But also to fill the East China Sea , not to other people, then step their footsteps , daily, howling , reclaimed more than. Jingwei , though without success ,hollister uk outlet store but unhelpful , but she still insisted .

Traitor , in the face of various instruments of torture , companions heard hysterical screams , groans of pain , they will collapse ; faith shaken ; insisted on giving up. Unconscionable , select the alleys .

Everyone died , according to retain loyalty .

They no longer suppressed , Renqian Fu requires, along with the people spurned , infamy forever burdened with the traitor , struggling for survival in the world .

With their repentant hearts , many times asked myself : Why did himself no bite the bullet , and then insist on silence for a moment ; multi endure what torture whip Huoluo , and not to become a hero yet ! ? 're Just a little bit , why not get over it ? !

Insists , just stick a little bit more !

" Zhang Long , would you please hold on the final five minutes ...... "

This is the movie " Civil war " in some classic lines .

KMT long on the phone to let Li Jun Zhang long hold on the final five minutes , his reinforcements arrived, flank , Zhang Long can not only break the siege , and the Communist Party would have drowned. However, the telephone , but it came " hand over their guns do not kill " sound.

For anyone with the same pride , Yisuoyanyu Renping Sheng .

Again, the people around us . People always hollister uk outlet store feel as their own intelligence , the funds nor their strong . But she is to open shop is booming , making money was a bowl full of pots full . Now think about it , people that have Dishuichuandan perseverance ; has Yugongyishan confidence ; has Kua Fu ambitions ; has Jingwei patience. From little things, perseverance.

Ourselves , always bothered to do the little things , big and no start , thus ignoring the event is composed of many little things .

Yesterday, we went to a few people from the tree. We cut off the roots with an ax first , and then a push , trees will be down, got up very easily lost . Later we played a sized thick trees, but , no matter how cut , the tree is not down, we went to great lengths exhausted . Trees, still standing upright majesty . Several of us rest a moment, continue to push the push, chop chop , but also busy for a long time , the tree , still stays on. We sighed : " ! Lu down if we have enough strength to pull Chuiyangliu " I am angry exhausted body strength , picked up in the hands of the ax : " ! Go to your right " towards hollister uk outlet store deep roots , random amputation. We intend to give up, to go from individual trees . Strange to say , my last one ax , may be crucial Kandao , tree , actually slowly tilted . I say this with the last blow, is the key, we could not have started much effort to pave the way, this last one ax alone , but also how to be successful it !

Do not give up , would you please hold on a little bit ......